Basic Use of Classroom Technology Carts



1) Important Dos and Don't 
2) Overview of Setup 
3) Projector
4) Sound System
5) PC
6) Remote Mouse
8) Attaching a Laptop
9) Thumb or Flash Drives
10) TV Tunner



First, some basic DO's and DONT'S:

•  DO familiarize yourself with equipment and software prior to need.

•  DO try to arrive early enough to test room equipment prior to use.

•  DO have a “Plan-B” in the event you encounter a problem.

•  DO basic housekeeping before you leave – pick up personal items and extra class materials, turn off projectors and replace gyro mice on their charging stands. Close and lock windows, and insure the thermostat is set at 72 degrees, more-or-less.

•  DO lock classrooms when you leave. Do not allow students to stay behind unmonitored. Report any classroom you find open upon your arrival to the Provost's office.

•  DO report any room problems to Facilities at x-4907. Report equipment problems to the university HELP desk: x-4357


* * * * *

•  DO NOT move the cart more than a few feet. Take care not to damage or disconnect cables if you do.

•  DO NOT place papers on top of the sound system. Doing so shortens its life AND is a fire hazard !

•  DO NOT leave class materials on the cart and expect them to be there upon your return!

•  DO NOT attempt to fix problems yourself or leave unreported problems for the next person to discover!

•  DO NOT remove electronics from the cart for any reason.




The system is made up of the following:

  1. Projector
  2. Screen
  3. Speakers
  4. Cart





The projector is mounted on the celling is installed for the best picture so no other adjustments are needed. As all functions of the system depend on the projector to show the image you wish students to view we will start with that.

  1. Find the remote that controls the projector:
  2. Press the red power button one time and wait for the projector to come on. This may take up to two minutes.
  3. You will not need the remote again (unless you are using the VCR-DVD) until it is time to turn the projector off. When you turn the projector off the light will go out but the projector will continue to run as it needs to cool down before it can shut off completely.

Things to look for if you have problems:

  1. Is the power button flashing? - If it is then you must wait for it to stop before you can take any action
  2. Is there light from the lens? - If not and the light around the power button is green then the bulb is blown and you need to call the Helpdesk
  3. Is the image clear - If not someone has been trying to adjust the unit for some reason. Try using the remote to clear it, if that does not work call the Helpdesk.
  4. Is the image centered on the screen? Again if it is not the projector has been moved and you need to call the Helpdesk.


Sound System

If you are using the PC to show something from the Web the "PC Sound" button should be pushed, if you are using the VCR or DVD to show a movie or other media then the VCR-DVD button must be pushed.

All the sound for the room is controlled by the receiver. The installation is set up so that the system is broadcasting on the center and the two front channels only, the rear speakers are not installed and if the system is placed in the the 5 speaker surround mode the sound quality will be poor.

During the installation the system is tuned so that the only buttons you need to adjust are the power, volume, and input source. If you are playing a DVD and the sound is less than you expected you can press the "Digital Input" button which may help in this case.

If there is no sound check the following:

  1. Is the receiver turned on?
  2. Is the volume turned up?
  3. Is the correct source button activated?
  4. Is the receiver in "Surround" mode?
  5. Is the PC muted?

If all of these things are set as they should be then call the helpdesk.


Using/Projecting the PC:


  Turn ON the projector and give it 2 minutes to warm up.

•  Ensure the sound system is turned ON.

•  Select “CD” on the sound system by pressing the appropriately-labeled button.

•  Press the appropriate button on the projector remote – select RGB mode.

•  Adjust volume by using the volume control knob of the sound system.


Troubleshooting PC Problems:

Unable to Login / No “NAL SUITES:

Make certain the network cable has not been disconnected. If the cable is found to be disconnected, reattach the cable and RESTART the computer.

Try Internet Explorer. If you can reach a web site, then basic connectivity is present. Locate the red “N” in the system tray (lower right corner), right-click on it, and select Netware Login . Use the Username that is posted on the cart's monitor. Leave the password field blank.

NOTE: All cart systems have the basic Microsoft Office suite loaded locally. If you are unable to access NAL SUITES, then go to Start, Programs, then locate the particular Microsoft Office package you wish to use.

Program locked up or entire computer locked up:

If the computer is locked up, that is to say there is no mouse or keyboard control: First, ensure the problem is not simply the wireless mouse dying. Try to get the computer's attention with the wired mouse, or by pressing the “Microsoft” key, located on the lower left of the keyboard between the <Ctrl> and <Alt> keys.

If the computer is totally non-responsive: Press and hold the Power button on the computer for about ten seconds. The computer will then turn off after a ten second delay. Wait another ten seconds, then press the power button again to begin a reboot.

If the computer is functioning but a program is locked up:

Have patience. Sometimes opening a large file or new program will trigger the antivirus software to do a scan, so it may take up to twenty seconds to respond. If the unit IS locked up, try pressing <Ctrl><Alt>< Del > simultaneously. The task manager should pop up. Select Task List, and a list of tasks should appear. Choose the offending program and select END TASK. If this does not work, try again, but this time select the Shutdown tab and restart the computer.


No PC sound

Check to insure the sound system is ON and in the CD position. Ensure the sound card is not muted by clicking the small speaker icon on the system tray in the lower left hand area of the monitor, and when the Volume Control panel opens, be sure that the Mute boxes are not checked. Try turning up the Master Volume slider and the Wave slider. By clicking on the master volume slider a small blip tone is produced, and you can verify basic functionality in this manner. If everything seems to be correct at this point call the helpdesk at 4357.


Wireless Mouse problems:

If you find the wireless mouse dead:

It often takes a double-click of the button on the underside of the mouse to wake it up. Be patient as the wake-up cycle can take up to ten seconds.

If the mouse can't be awakened, return it to the cradle to be charged. Report it to the HELPdesk if it does not begin to slowly flash a green light after a few minutes. You'll need to use the wired mouse for this class, as it takes over an hour for the mouse to reach a minimal charge. A properly charged mouse with healthy batteries should be good for a couple of day's use without a charge, so please report this to the HELPdesk so we can check it out and, if necessary, replace the batteries.

Never move a mouse from one classroom to another! These units are digitally “anchored” to their specific cradle/receiver and will not operate properly if the pairing is broken.



Using the VCR-DVD Player:

•  Turn ON the projector and give it 2 minutes to warm up.

•  Ensure the sound system is turned ON

•  Select VCR-DVD on the sound system by knob or pressing the appropriately-labeled button.

•  Press the Input Select button on the projector remote until the proper mode is displayed.

•  Adjust volume by using the volume control knob of the sound system.


Connecting a Laptop to the System

On the top of the cart is an Input Control Switch with a cable connected to it. If you plug this cable into the port in the back of the laptop, and then press the control button on the switch you will be able to show the laptop screen through the projection system.

Keep in mind that you have have to "tell" the laptop you want it to use the back port in order for the image to be displayed. Different models of laptop control this function in different manners, some you press the Fn key and a key that in the F1 - F12 row, while other you have to open the video control panel and change the setting there.


Thumb or Flash Drive Use:

There are two USB ports located on the from of the computer tower and two on the left edge of the monitor. These should all be live ready to plug your drive into to retrieve your data.


TV Tunner

The TV tuner is built into the computer on this cart system.

This is the remote for the TV:

You can start the TV broadcast but pressing the "Power" button on the remote, or by using the desktop icon:

This will open another screen that looks like this:

Click on Enter and the TV viewer will open showing the last channel that was braodcast.

Moving the mouse to teh top of the screen will give you a dropdown where you can change channels one at a time, control volume and and make the view full screen:

You can also use the mouse and Right Click on the screen and you will get teh following menu:

If you chose "Channel List" from this screen you will get teh master channel list as below:

From this list you can chose any channel you wish by clicking on it and then clicking OK.